Soldering Training Session

Some members of our electrical team, hard at work soldering surface-mount components.

A thousand resistors, a thousand miniature training PCBs, and a Saturday afternoon well spent on soldering! This past Saturday, we held a training session for soldering surface-mount components.

We practiced soldering four sizes of surface-mount of components: 1206, 0805, 0603, and 0402. For those unfamiliar with the size numbering system, each number can be broken into two parts, XXYY. The dimensions of each component are then XX by YY hundredths of an inch. For a sense of scale, 0402s are comparable to grains of sand!

Our electrical team members soon got the hang of surface-mount soldering, progressively moving from larger to smaller components. We'd like to specially congratulate several members on joining our 0402 Society for their mechanical dexterity and unwavering manipulation of tweezers.

Products of our training session: some training PCB modules of varying sizes, and their soldered surface mount components.
And finally, a shoutout to Bay Area Circuits, who made our soldering training session possible. Bay Area Circuits printed our training PCB modules, and has offered to print the PCBs we are designing for our electrical subsystems. Thank you!