Prototype Project

Welcome to our site!! *It's still under construction*

Our goal for this semester:

To build a scaled down electrical system of a solar car!

Because this is our first time building a solar car, we figured we should first experiment our designs on a smaller system first.

This prototype will consist of 22 Sunpower C60 solar cells, an MPPT, 21 18650 Lithium-ion cells, a battery management system and a load. A prototype panel made of Kevlar where the solar array will be mounted on will also be fabricated. 

Sunpower C60 Solar Cells

Panel (CAD Model)

(Testing out our boost converter circuit on a breadboard. The circuit will be printed on a PCB!)


Battery Management System

Linear Technology very generously gave us these two boards, a DC1652A Demo Board for LTC6803-02 Multicell Battery Stack Monitor & a DC590B USB Serial Controller for QuickEval Demo Board as samples!

We will also test out Texas Instruments' BQ76PL536A evaluation module in the near future!